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Design your very own custom t-shirts.

Free online design lab software.

Get just one In Full Color.

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Full color digital Direct imaging on apparel

Order just one,No minimums. Large format,

free online design tool. Create it yourself.

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 For that extraordinary elegant look there's

nothing like having your art, design or

text message sewn in beautiful thread.

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High-end advanced multi color screen printing

large format printing up to 8 ink colors

specialty inks like glitters, puff , neon and more.

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Graphic Design / Illustration

Color theory

Mechanical color separation

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Employee Incentives 


Advertising specialty items

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Graphic Design / Illustration

Color theory

Mechanical color separation


 OurAWARD Winning Art Department!


Graphic design Illustration art department

 At Choice Image, Inc. We pride ourselves at offering more then the typical "graphic design" clipart & typesetting offered by all of the other Denver screen print shops. While we do that too, our art staff is skilled in design theory, color theory and full blown illustration. Not only do we not charge more for this... Our art charges of only $30.00 an hour are half that of many of our competitors clipart services.

  Designing art for imprinted apparel offers a unique challenge as most other forms of reproduction always print onto a white piece of paper. We've learned to use this colored and dark garment substrate to our advantage. With our years of experience creating & reproducing graphics specifically for t-shirts, textiles and clothing we've mastered the "WOW" effect and apply it to every job we create. So whether we are creating art for you or doing the mechanical color separations for your supplied design, you're sure to get the best quality possible.

 "Over the years we have become known as the shop that prints t-shirt art the other shops said could not be done or would be too expensive."

  We offer a wide variety of graphic design, Illustration and art services. Among a few are.


Glass Logo


  • Logo design creation & branding
  • Typography, typesetting and page layout.
  • Vector conversion of internet Jpegs
  • 3-D Rendering
  • Photo retouch & Photo colorization
  • Design and Sketch clean up.
  • Color separation of Photographs and art
  • Index separation
  • Process & Spot color separation
  • Spot process or Sim process
  • Give us a call today (303)232-4250 to see how we can create something beautiful for you, your event,club, fundraiser or organization.

Our friendly art staff is here to assist you with all your design and illustration needs. We make the ordinary extraordinary at a cost less

then the other Denver Screen printing companies...

 Your one stop shop for custom decorated & individualized apparel and clothing in the greater Denver, Colorado area since 1982


Here is an example of our advanced t-shirt graphic design and illustration services. from the week of... 01/28/2013.  We discussed this design with the client  and came up with the concept during our initial meeting.  the idea was to print a three color screen print on black tees for his concert sales merchandise.


This quick comp was made to help the client visualize what we where going to do and what we needed from him. He sent use some quick photographic's from his cell phone.. the bellow image is the resulting design with only an hour and one half art charges.. This is a three color production ready silk screen print mechanical file.... ready for production.

 Custom three color t-shirt print designFinal t-shirt print


 Our graphics are designed with the screen print and t-shirt printing process in mind. Custom made specifically for t-shirt printing and custom tee shirt imprinting.


 Complete in-house graphic design, illustration,typography 

& computer imaging. Denver Local!

 Whether you just need text & a clean graphic or a Custom illustration to Photo retouching and clean up of your sketch. We offer a state of the art in-house computer graphics department. Using the latest Industry standard computer graphics software we offer custom design for the same cost or less then other shops offer their clip art layout services!

Choice Image has Gained a reputation for being Denver's Most advanced T-shirt imaging because we employ cutting edge mechanical screen print art techniques. Even a simple one color photograph gets advanced production art adjustments to get the most detail, contrast & clarity possible throughout all the stages of the Silk screen printing process.

Our Design and Production art staff is award winning in the Industry. We provide all our knowledge on even the smallest of orders produced in our shop. Your simple two color Family reunion design can be transformed into something special just by applying our knowledge of Design principles and color theories....

Computer graphics

Some of the Services we offer.....

• Typography, typesetting and page layout.

• Logo & Company Mark design

• Vector conversion of internet Jpegs

• Graphic Design

• Illustration

• 3-D Rendering

• Photo retouch

• Photo colorization

• Design and Sketch clean up.

• Color separation of Photographs and art

• Index separation and printing

• Process separation and printing

• Spot color separation and printing

• Spot process or sim process

• Tertiary Color building on press.

• Color theories.

• Web site development.

• E-commerce solutions

Simple or Complex... Attention to detail and advanced techniques make your design Shine above the rest.

Killer tee shirt design

We use Apple Macintosh computer systems to create Custom Graphics. these are completely compatible with any graphics files in any format from any  computer systems running Any OS like Unix, Lines, BE, mac, osX and Even Microsoft's Windows... as Long as the graphics file format is in a standard Computer graphics extension.

This means we can use files like, jpeg, gic, pnd, eps, ai, swf. pdf . We cannot open or use files given a file extension from software we do not have or use.....  this has only been an issue for people creating artwork , logos and designs in Microsoft Publisher...

In short We do not have Publisher software and therefor cannot open or use . Pub files!

In short....  Microsoft Word should we used for words only, text and letters. it is not an art, graphics or layout program!

In most cases Our trained art staff and graphics personnel can create a custom tee shirt design in less time then most people can compile clip art. It is usually more cost effective to come speak to our art staff about creating a custom design , illustration or logo then to pay them to correct a file that is incorrect.

Another common mistake when supplying your own custom artwork & designs is to attempt to do graphics in Adobe Photoshop. Mush like with the program word being for words, Photoshop is for Photographs and photographic type works. attempting to mix type or typography with halftones or doing solid graphics like those in logos will have disastrous effect!

Part of what makes choice image custom t-shirts different and more extraordinary then those from the comm t-shirt shop or screening store is our idea that  Garment or shirt color should be taken into design consideration prior to starting the artwork. ink mixing with the garment and other inks can be used a a color theory to enhance the design on the shirt. we take every aspect of the silk screen process from screen imaging  and computer file formats and ink mixing on press into consideration prior to starting the drawing or illustrative design.

Our art staff is happy to create Custom designs from scratch, Hand drawn and painted to give it that non -computer graphic look. we can Customize any photo to look like a drawing or sketch to a water color or oil painting.

Come in and meet with our highly skilled Custom t-shirt design artist to get the moat out of your custom printed and embroidered shirts and clothing!


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