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customized & Personalized Sports jerseys

and Uniforms.

It's that time of year again! Need affordable t-shirts with numbers for your softball team? Maybe names printed? Custom jerseys Like retro button ups are more affordable then you think. 

Are you in need of softball, soccer or other team uniforms? We can assist you in getting what you need.

From simple t-shirts with individual numbers and names printed on front, back , sleeve or even hood. to Wind jackets, hooded sweats or mesh dri-fit jerseys.

Whatever your budget  or needs. we can help you get that sharper image. with something that suits your needs. We've " Got you covered"



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Image has been helping sports teams get outfitted Since 1982~ We are a small Local company. Let us help you outfit your ball team as cost effectively as possible. Or maybe you want to have the most impressive looking team gear for the best price. or just think cotton is too hot for the cost. We can design a mascot & Logo or custom team lettering and decorate any Garment. Embroidered caps, hats, visors! Printed wind jackets with numbers! Get custom team gear that your sponsors will be proud to put there logo on! Family and followers will want to buy. Make money for your team! 303-232-4250 softball-tshirts & jerseys Moister wicking sports jerseys, Pants, shorts, water bottles. we'll even get your logo Laser etched into a baseball bat or printed on balls, Wholesale apparel decoration. Only a 12 piece minimum on decorated garments. Embroidered and screen printed!

We create custom school wear and gear. from hoodies and pennants to stuffed mascots with printed tee's. Team uniforms and Custom school mascot garments, Denver, Colorado Local clothing decorator. School uniforms, and sportswear, team jerseys are no problem, Individual names and numbers , custom school mascot design. Why not show your school spirit with a contemporary Custom design sweat shirt or hoodie!

School spirit wear includes several items. We do individuality numbered Jerseys with Names & team mascots or text. Bandanna, Blankets and even school Pennants. Stuffed mascots with custom printed teddy tees are a great hit for school fund raisers. Our most popular items are of course hooded sweatshirts or hoodies. Sportswear can be Jackets of all types, Hats and caps, even headbands and other outerwear items. Any clothing can be custom decorated or images with Custom graphics, text,Logos or artwork created by students for after school groups and activities. Our new all over full color printing on Poly moister wicking garments has been very popular with the school kids. This uses dye sublimation and can be done in Limited runs like one or two garments, Making it a cast effective way for each student to create and wear their own Custom t-shirt. Our Direct Digital printing offers the same responsibility on a variety of goods from tee shirts to sportswear garments. Students can upload artwork , designs and photos of their own creation and add text with our clip art database for that Totally Custom school spirit wear look. Don't get stuck with generic school spirit wear from local stores. Custom contemporary apparel can be created to you liking for less then the generic retail apparel and garment being sold! Let Choice Image Custom screen printing and Embroidery of Denver, Colorado help you to create you own school spirit clothing and apparel items. Call or fill out a quick quote! 


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