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 custom-embroideryEmbroidery offers that old school extraordinary elegant touch. Needle & thread create art & design. We can embroider luggage, bags and large items. On site digitizing services.12 piece minimum to start. Can supply your own goods.


The art of embroidering textiles dates all the way back to the third century B.C. where the simple process of  sewing to patch, mend and reinforce shed light on the ability to customize the shape and form of the stitching to a decretive art.

It has always been a sign of social status because the elaborate and beautiful stitch work was time consuming and labor intense.  With the onset of the Industrial revolution, Embroidery has become something everyone can afford and now with the digital age it is easier and faster than ever to get you own clothing  custom embroidered with superior  craftsmanship!

Embroidery is no longer just for the well to do and adds a touch of dimension, depth and texture like no other process. The Satin or column stitch gives off a shine at certain angles that can be seen from across the room. Commonly viewed as a step above screen printing, at Apparel Décor and More you can choose to have items professionally embroidered with your designs or logos. Whether it is corporate apparel, casual wear, promotional items or gifts, your orders will be prepared on state of the art computerized machines by experienced professionals.

We have years of experience and the ability to reproduce your logos and designs so that you can present an image that tells everyone that you are proud and successful. Your orders will be prepared using top quality items, threads and backings and without cutting corners. We take pride in the quality of the products that we prepare for you and want you to get an item that will look great and last for years to come. For a different look, we may also choose to do Appliqué style decorations that allow the use of fabrics as the background in larger areas or even three dimensional “puff” embroidery on some items like baseball caps.

The list of products that can be decorated with embroidery is extremely long and includes apparel items like Golf Shirts, Woven Shirts, Tee Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Caps, Robes and Jackets as well as other items like Bags and Towels. There are also hundreds of thread colors to choose from that allow us to match almost any color and we offer metallic threads too. Let us know what you have in mind and we will gladly work with you to create a program that keeps your employees looking good and will enhance the image that you present to your customers.

fill stitch example
fill stitch example


This is the most common embroidery stitch type and is used in the majority of lettering and design outlines.In this example, you can see the center of the "O" is filled using a fill stitch. The edge of the "O" is reinforced using a satin stitch. The other text uses a satin stitch as the fill and outline. The blue "NOW" text is also satin stitch. This design is sewn over a screen print - clever mixed media approach!


This type of embroidery stitch is also referred to as a running stitch. The dashed line style is typically used to capture very small details in embroidery designs. The walking stitch is commonly used to re-create the look of hand sewing in many retail designs.


This stitch is used to fill large areas of color. The fill stitch is also used to create an underlay foundation to layer more complicated embroidery designs or designs being sewn on flimsy materials (rayon, silk, etc). On high pile garments such as fleece, a fill stitch may be used to create a foundation so an acceptable amount of detail is not lost in the fabric fibers.




  • Smocks and scrubs for health care professionals.
  • Aprons and chief's coats, jackets and hats for food service vendors.
  • Baseball hats, jerseys and uniforms.
  • Golf towels , Golf bags and even gloves Polo shirts, oxford & Henley for corporate apparel.
  • Dew rags and bandannas for biker clubs.
  • Soccer bags, attache cases and luggage.
  • Lunch bags and other promotional items.
  • Hats and caps of every type.
  • Bibs Diaper bags 
  • Outfits Baby
  • booties/shoes 
  • Handkerchiefs 
  • Wedding presents 
  • Cloth photo albums 
  • Purses Jeans 

Image is everything and can make or break a company. That is why you should always look your best. You can with quality embroidered corporate apparel from Choice Image Screen print and Embroidery. We want you to look your best and go that extra mile to help you with our apparel and services.

Here's a thought... think about tradeshows and how you could use your employees as human billboards. All it takes is a nice looking polo shirt with your logo on it to show others how professional you are. Corporate apparel is also good for promotions and incentives. Think about it, if you give an employee money for a job well done, how long do they remember the money? Not as long as they would always remember the jacket with your logo and their name. We have all kinds of creative ideas to help you.

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