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graphicsGraphic design, illustration and art services. From advanced color and design theory to full blown airbrushing and sketches. Our in house art staff does it all. Our art charges are half what some shops charge for clipart & typesetting. 


Let us create something Dynamic for your event, club or company. Our award winning art staff can create a professional custom look that fits your style and needs at half the cost many shops charge to just paste clipart onto typography.

We employ advanced production and mechanical art techniques that will make your design shine above the rest.  Using the garment color and value or shade as a design element our graphics Pop. Even with just two or three colors of ink.

Check out some of the designs we have done for other clients.

t-shirt-artThis is a simple two color design. Using screen tints and halftones can create a sublte look that really makes your message pop off the shirts.

two color screen print design Here is another example of how just two inks can really look dynamic on a garment. using a variety of art and design techniques to create soft and subtle shades and contrast. drawing the viewer into you message. 

From a simple drawing or illustrative concept to full blown Computer Graphics we can create whatever you dream up. Our graphics teams is skilled in...

• Typography, typesetting and page layout.
• Logo & Company Mark design
• Vector conversion of internet Jpeg's
• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• 3-D Rendering
• Photo retouch
• Photo colorization
• Design and Sketch clean up.
• Color separation of Photographs and art
• Index separation and printing
• Process separation and printing
• Spot color separation and printing
• Spot process or sim process
• Tertiary Color building on press.
• Color theories.
• Web site development.
• E-commerce solutions

Simple or Complex... Attention to detail and advanced techniques make your design Shine above the rest.

Whether you just need text & a clean graphic or a Custom illustration to Photo retouching and clean up of your sketch. We offer a state of the art in-house computer graphics department. Using the latest Industry standard computer graphics software we offer custom design for the same cost or less then other shops offer their clip art layout services!
Choice Image has Gained a reputation for being Denver's Most advanced T-shirt imaging because we employ cutting edge mechanical screen print art techniques. Even a simple one color photograph gets advanced production art adjustments to get the most detail, contrast & clarity possible throughout all the stages of the Silk screen printing process.

Our Design and Production art staff is award winning in the Industry. We provide all our knowledge on even the smallest of orders produced in our shop. Your simple two color Family reunion design can be transformed into something special just by applying our knowledge of Design principles and color theories....


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