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 Direct-2-garment"Digital direct to garment is idea for getting just one full color, large format printed clothing item. No art or set up charges, fast turn around. item needs to be 100% cotton. Currency we do not print supplied goods.


Digital Direct to Garment t-shirt printing or (DTG)What is it? Why use it?

Unlike the heat transfer shops of the late 1970's where you would go to a mall shop or store and look through catalogs of pre-made art and designs and select one to be heat pressed onto a t-shirt. Digital direct to tee shirt printing actually takes any digital image or photo and prints it directly onto the garment. This technique uses a modified ink or bubble jet printer with custom water-based inks to print in stunning 4800 dpi detail and color.

Our dtg viper t-shirt printing system uses a modified Epson 4800 printer with a custom white ink management system. It's print bed area will print a full color digital tee shirt with a stunning 16" X 32" image area.

Unlike traditional silk screen printing for custom made tee shirts, this allows us to print just one full color garment with no set up's or screen stencils, and no per color cost. Prior to this technique, printing just a limited amount of custom shirts in full color was to expensive. And most printers would not print just one shirt with just one color as this was to time consuming and expensive.

Digital direct to garment printing allows you to now create and order just one full color custom t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt at an amazing cost. The detail and color brightness is amazing. the effect go from photographic in nature to looking like hand airbrushed art or even pencil sketches and oil painting.

So, Why would you choose traditional silk screen printing over direct to garment?

 Silk screen printing is the standard for making custom tee shirts and printed apparel. it's been around a long time and has been honed and perfected. with DTG shirt printing there are several limitations. While the ink is now color fast and will hold up to repeated washing and laundering, the print process it's self is limited to the CMYK color gamut. CMYK stands for the four inks used in computer printers. ( Just like the one on you desk) Cyan ( Blue) Magenta ( Red) Yellow and K ( Black). between these four colors the printer can generate some 25,000 tints tones and color blends.

Unfortunately, Many things created with computer graphics use the RGB color spectrum or gamut. R ( Red) B ( Blue) and G (Green) these are the three colors of the light emitting diodes of a digital display like tv's smartphones, computer monitors and such. This color spectrum can create some very intense neon colors that cannot be reproduced with the CYMK gamut. 

Another limitation of digital tee shirt printing is color accuracy. many company logos and graphic designs use a specific color or hue. Digital imaging cannot reproduce an accurate color each time. In fact many times what the customer thought was a blue image may print on the t-shirt looking purple or a flesh-tone may look like a suntan or sunburn.

Silk screen printing on the other hand offers complete color accuracy as well as a host of custom inks from EVER spectrum. Some of the inks offered with the traditional screening process are...

  • Neon & Day Glow fluorescent black light
  • Metallics Glitters & Shimmers
  • Color Changing photo-chromatic
  • Puffs & Foils


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